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Biokinetics can be divided into four major fields of expertise.

The first field, and possibly what biokinetics is best known for, is Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

This includes rehabilitation of injuries/disorders/painful conditions pertaining to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

Conditions may originate from traumatic injury, disease or disability.

Contact Details

tel:  011 792 8292

fax:  086 654 0435





Northcliff Medical Centre

2nd Floor Main Building
Corner of Beyers Naude & Acacia Road

Northcliff 2195


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday   7:00am - 6:00pm

Saturdays (by appointment)

As a practice we specialize in 5 areas

- Orthopedic

- Chronic diseases

- Health promotion

- Neurological diseases

- Sport Performance

Services provided

- Isokinetic

- Evaluations & Exercising- EMG

– Evaluations & Exercising

- Specific Rehabilitation Treatment Modules

- Back Program developed for Discovery

- Neurological Program

– Parkinson's & Multiple Sclerosis

- Chronic Conditions

– Rheumatois Arthritis, Diabetes

- Hydrotherapy- Back and Knee Classes

- Pilates Sports massage

Leon Keulder

B.Com Sports Science Honours (RAU) 

B.Com BiokineticsHonours (RAU)

Tammy Schultz

BA Human Movement Sciences (TUKS) BHScBiokineticsHonours (WITS)

Kylie Crafford

BA Sports Psychology (UJ)

BA BiokineticsHonours (UJ)

Liezl Mullér

BA Human Movement Sciences (PU for CHE)

BA BiokineticsHonours (PU for CHE)

Jacorié Ferreira

BSc Human Movement Sciences & Physiology (PUK)

BSc BiokineticsHonours (PUK)

Michael Gekis

BA Human Movement Sciences (UP) BHScBiokineticsHonours (WITS)

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